“Being a start up company, we have had many issues to deal with including marketing, pricing, customer follow-up, training and employee procedures.  This in itself can be overwhelming but using Four Point HR, we were able to concentrate on these things without having worry about procedures for hiring employees, payroll, taxes, worker’s comp issues, how to conduct background checks and even how to terminate employees.  We never have to be concerned about government changes and regulations. Four Point HR always keeps us abreast of the information we need to know and ensures that we are in compliance with all applicable laws.  They ensure we are in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. They have provided recommendations for insurance needs including bonding and general liability and have provided contacts when it was something they didn’t handle directly.  We have peace of mind knowing that they provide a legal defense benefit should we ever have the need for legal council. Not only are they a major relief to us in a business sense, we have built a friendship with them and feel like we can brainstorm ideas related to our cleaning business, with them.  We have called on them many times and ALWAYS get a prompt response to our questions.  We are extremely grateful and satisfied with the customer service they provide.”



“Before we started with Four Point HR our policies and procedures were scattered and inconsistent.  With Four Point HR we have an invaluable resource for all of our HR concerns and questions.  Four Point HR has managed to alleviate all of our HR related stress so that we can concentrate on our core business.  The service that Four Point HR provides allows us to streamline our payroll process gives us the data that we need to control costs.  I truly value their service in helping us to manage our HR and payroll policies.”



We started using Four Point HR’s services several years ago. Being a small business in a very competitive corporate world, it is not only hard to compete in the business market but it also hard to compete with large corporations being an employer. Partnering up with Four Point HR allows us to the opportunity to offer our employees the same benefits as large corporations in the same business as ours. It also allows us to have a Human Resource Department without having to staff full time employees. They stay abreast of all new laws and tax regulations regarding employment which is something we find very time consuming. The advantage to us being packaged as a large group to the worker compensation and health insurers has positively impacted our operating cost.

The one thing we feel is the largest advantage to us as business owners is the partner relationship we have with the owners and staff at Four Point HR. They truly are an extension of our company. They have an interest in the welfare of our business. We have leased our employees off and on since 1986, but with some of the other companies we have done business with the personal attention just wasn’t there. Four Point HR and we are doing business together. There really is a big difference.”



“Four Point HR has provided us with excellent payroll and human resources services. In addition to their competitive rates, we have also benefited from Four Point’s excellent customer service. Any question, concern or problem that has arisen was resolved quickly through our Four Point representative. It is obvious that they work hard to make sure clients are happy and taken care of.”


“Four Point HR is a life saver!!! After years of dealing with PEOs and being disappointed with the service. We have finally found a company who still believes in “Customer Service”. The transition was flawless – even though I threw them curve after curve with last minute changes- the entire staff rolled their sleeves up and made it happen with kindness and reassurance.  This group is highly trained and they excel in their fields of expertise with each individual bringing special strengths to form a strong unified, knowledgeable, helpful, and caring team!  When you have a problem or situation that is out of the norm it is such a breath of fresh air to hear ‘we’ll get right on it and figure it out’ instead of hearing ‘no can’t do it.’  Their commitment to customer service puts them miles ahead of all others. Members of the Four Point HR team make every effort to make you feel important and part of their family.  We are proud to have them on our team!”



“When it came time to outsource our payroll and benefits administration, the first company that came to mind was Four Point HR. After meeting with Phil to discuss our needs, it was clear that no other PEO could compare to the level of personal service, ease of payroll/ benefits administration, and competitive rates as one can get through Four Point.

Being a small non-profit organization, finding a low cost and hassle-free option was our primary concern; however, not only are the rates fair, but the comfort in having knowledgeable professionals handling the back-end payroll administration is priceless. Four Point HR is what very few other companies are anymore: dedicated, friendly, and here to serve their customers 24/7. Thank you, Four Point, for helping us to better serve our employees!”



“I highly recommend the team at Four Point Staffing as both experts in the field of staffing and gifted with the strong interpersonal skills necessary to build a strong team in each assisted living community we manage. They have transformed the way our company recruits, staffs, and operates, making us far more efficient and effective for the current Senior Housing environment. The team at Four Point Staffing has an incredible combination of experience, critical thinking skills and personality. These traits position them to lead at the highest levels of HR while representing the overall needs and interests from our lenders to the most entry level employee of the variety of Senior Housing project we both develop and manage.”