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Bank Relationships and Alternative Financing

Now that the power brokers among the Wall Street and D.C. elite seem to be working together to renew the flow of funds into the economy, we see the rampant fear and paranoia beginning to subside. The financiers seem to understand that they have to tighten their belts, deal with their sins of the past and get onto the business of finance. Today, most businesses have felt the sting of our difficult times and have responded as quickly as possible to preserve their capital, their business health and their sanity. I can’t help feeling like we are staged in the doctor’s waiting room, unsure if we are about to get good news or bad news about our business health. Most of the business owners I meet with regularly have had their external credit sources shrink drastically or disappear entirely. This leaves very little margin for error to attempt any future-oriented operations requiring capital. That being said, do you have a bank relationship or alternative financing relationship that is extending credit to your business? If so, how did you go about finding this relationship and developing the terms that you have today?

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