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Communicate Critical Numbers In Your Business

We have all watched our top line numbers drop over the last year. Hopefully, this process has leveled in your business and is starting to show some signs of improvement. When things get tough, we have a tendency to keep information close to the vest for fear of causing panic inside our organizations. If you have communicated important business related numbers in the past and have gotten away from it since the downturn, you should consider making the important numbers about your business available to your staff.

You don’t have to divulge profit numbers or detailed P&L reports to your staff, but you know the metrics that are critical to the success of your business. If you are a daycare center, it is probably child count, new child enrollment, etc. If you are an assisted living center, it is more like resident count and new resident growth. Regardless of what they figures, choose a couple on the revenue side and a couple on the expense side and communicate these to your staff. Set goals and targets for these numbers and encourage your staff to help reach them through their daily work and through their recommendations. This process will create a more team-oriented environment and help relieve some stress from your management’s shoulders.

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