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Cross Training = Team Building

Many of our clients have gone through staff reductions over the last 18 months. It is no secret that a round of layoffs or terminations has a negative affect on employee morale. Remaining staff members are often sad to see their co-workers leave and are anxious about the security of their own employment.

Establishing a cross training process can be an effective way to improve morale and make your business operate more efficiently. Cross training exercises make current staff members feel more secure about their employment and gain a greater understanding of how their particular job fits into the overall operation of your business. These exercises help your business efficiency by ensuring that multiple staff members are able to handle important functions.

To get the most from this process, clearly communicate to all staff members what you are doing, why it is necessary, when and how often it will occur and what end result you hope to achieve. Conduct cross training between employees with similar skill sets who work in similar areas of your business. Cross training your accountant with your janitor is probably not improve efficiency in either position, but cross training one department head with another is very likely to improve internal efficiency.

Cleary define what is expected from each cross training session, request reports from staff members after the process has concluded and then delegate down the responsibility to your staff.

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