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Get Closer To Customers To Strengthen Your Team and Improve Your Bottom Line

How well do you know your customers or clients?  Getting to know them better and creating a system to manage this knowledge internally will improve staff communication and the stability of the client relationships. How do you go about doing this?  First, record everything you know about each of your critical customers and then develop a detailed list of information is missing. Each client file should include everything from historical information like order and payment history, to buying information like employees who impact buying decisions and the processes used to fulfill those decisions, to personal information on key buyers who have authority to make final authorization on orders.

Hopefully you and your senior staff members have this type of in-depth information now.  If not, I cannot over emphasize the importance of your staff commencing a full review of your customer relationships.  Staff members will understand how each client fits in to the overall picture of your business revenue.  You will also have an opportunity for valuable team building time with your staff as you create a better flow of information and knowledge management database inside your business. Next, draw conclusions from the information.  Find opportunities to engage your customers by proposing new products and services as solutions, creating stronger relationships outside the workplace, and lending the unique expertise of your firm.

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