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Handling Termination Security

We have worked closely with many clients to help them handle sensitive terminations. A sensitive termination occurs when we must end the employment of an employee who has or may display strong mood swings, who has the potential to act out, or who has access to highly sensitive company information and who may be under suspicion for improperly using such data outside of normal business duties.

How do you terminate such an employee, protect the security and safety within your workplace while also protecting the culture within your company? When planning the termination, make sure that you respect the dignity of the affected employee. Also, consider how you would want to be treated under the circumstances. By doing so, you take the high road and remain in a positive light with other staff members. Next, carefully weigh what security concerns are present. If the person displays volatile behavior that borders on violence, you should have some form of security present to escort the employee to the door. Most employees have passwords to internal and online systems and key access to physical company assets. In this case, be sure to cut off passwords at the time of the employee termination and collect all keys prior to the employee leaving your office. Let us know about any termination experiences you have had with sensitive employee situations.

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