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Hiring When Unemployment Rates Are High

With the high unemployment that exists in today’s economy, hiring good employees would appear to be easier than in a tight labor market. Not always the case. In a small organization, it is difficult and time consuming to review the massive amounts of replies to Internet and help wanted job adds. This makes finding the right person feel similar to finding the needle in the haystack. That being said, you may want to consider using techniques that are deigned to exclude applicants who blindly forward resumes with little forethought. In any interview or review process, we are trying to judge an individual by how well their skills and values align with the position. To accelerate this process, ask for two 200-word essays that address why their skills align with the position being offered and their values align with that of the company. The writing sample will allow you to determine how ell the person communicates and will immediately cut down your review to those who are seriously applying for the position. You may have to put a few words in your posting about your company values if these are not easily found online.

What techniques have you used recently to find good employees?

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