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Low Cost – High Impact Employee Benefits

When we think of cutting back during lean times, we tend to focus on cutting staff members, reducing employer sponsored benefits, renegotiating leases, etc. These require difficult conversations and only add to the sense of anxiety that exists in an economic downturn. Your employees are feeling the stress as well. To counter, there are a number of free or very inexpensive ways that we can improve morale in our workplaces without parting with cash.

This benefit can allow your business to operate with less space than if 100% of your workplace works within the traditional brick and mortar space. Current employees will enjoy the ability to avoid stressful workday commutes and may save money on child care expenses. This program will allow you to access a greater number of qualified applicants who are outside of your traditional commute area or may need to work from home.

Flex Time
Offering flexible hours will allow your employees to avoid stressful cycles of morning and afternoon drives.

Wellness Programs
These programs alleviate stress and contribute to your employees’ overall health. The cost cannot be deducted as a business expense, but you can contact a local gym to negotiate a group rate and pass the otherwise unavailable discount to your staff.

Arrange a bulletin board where employees can set up car pools. In some cities, carpooling staff may qualify for benefits from the city.

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