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Mentoring Young Talent

We can find talented people at the base of every successful company. These people did not necessarily arrive at the business with a complete set of skills and good work habits. On the contrary, great companies understand that getting the most from all staff members is the key achieving greatness. That said, what are you doing to coach young talent as many companies lack a formal mentoring program. Implementing such a program, whether formally or informally, can provide great returns and feelings of accomplishment as you see your talent grow. To begin such a program, clearly state goals. It may be to achieve greater understanding and camaraderie among your people or to build greater skills among subordinates. Clarify the mentor roles by outlining their goals in the process and allowing them to get personally involved. Make sure that you are providing them with adequate resources to help guide them along the way. Lastly, throw out the boss/subordinate role and ensure that mentoring is done outside of the traditional structure. If your organization is not large enough for this to occur, simply set aside mentoring time with the understanding that these time periods are reserved for growth and not accountability.

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