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Monthly Employee Meetings: The Cornerstone of a Performance Management System

An effective performance management system will employ a simple structure that both the manager and direct reports honor as a commitment to be kept and meetings should be missed only in extreme situations.  Most performance management practices center around a year-end review to determine current bonus and future pay.  The employee often feels like they are judged solely on the last 90 days of their performance.  The manager struggles to provide an objective assessment as he or she finds it very difficult to look at the entire year objectively as the recent past is front and center.

We want to focus on establishing an effective mentoring process where open and honest feedback flows between the manager and employee on a regular basis.  Individual monthly meetings with each direct report should be the corner stone of this process.  Employees should prepare for the meeting by providing a description of their last 30 days.  This document should be provided in advance of the meeting and include their failures, successes, and plans for the next 30 days. The manager should be prepared to review the document, be mentally present in the meeting, accept no phone calls or interruptions, and be prepared to help with their failures, coach through their plans and celebrate their successes.  If you notice a problem, discuss it.  Don’t leave anything unturned.

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