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Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

In addition to the many challenges faced by business owners, the number of workers’ compensation claims tends to rise during an economic downturn.  Employers should be aware of these risks and can take three simple steps to mitigate them.

Rededicate management to safety priorities.  Distribute claim information to management, openly discuss where and why claims are occurring, discuss strategies for bringing current claimants back to work, and make management accountable to each other for results.

Observe and support staff safety meetings.  The business leader’s presence in employee safety meetings makes a strong statement that it is a priority for the business. Use these meetings to communicate that safety is vital to the success of the business and that everyone must work together on a group goal of no lost time claims.

Create a departmental incentive program.  These incentives don’t have to be large. Owners can simply provide a gift certificate to each member of a department that works one quarter without a lost time claim.  Going the department route will make every member of that department accountable to their co-workers and will incent them to think twice before filing a fraudulent claim.

How does your company reduce its workers’ comp claims?

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