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Workplace Stresses

In a recent poll by Associated Press-GfK Roper Public Affairs, 47% of respondents said they are worried about losing jobs, 65% are at least somewhat worried about paying bills and 69% are worried about their stocks declining in value. All of these fears are brought to the workplace and lead to a heightened sense of stress on the job. These stresses, simply put, are fear of the unknown and can lead to difficulty in your company’s team interaction, customer service and attention to detail. The problem is not caused by the business owner but is certainly felt in the business. Employees often look to their employers for stability and guidance. Not addressing such concerns may be seen as an indifferent or uncaring attitude toward employee concerns. First and foremost, address the situation and acknowledge that it is stressful for everyone today. Be willing to discuss the current health if your business. From there, maintain a steady approach the path for your business and how you will reach your destination. Tell us about some of the stresses you are seeing in your workplace and how you are combating them.

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