Risk Free Recruiting

Risk-free recruiting combines the high touch service of a retained search firm with the cash flow advantages of a traditional staffing firm.  We work closely with our clients during the recruitment process to ensure we achieve positive outcomes and allow our clients to spread out the cost of recruitment over the 90-day probationary period of a new hire. We understand that the first 90 days of employment are critical to understanding the true nature of a candidate and begin with a thorough needs analysis to ensure that our recruitment process produces positive outcomes for your organization.

Risk-free recruiting clients can opt to hire candidates directly and pay us in three installments over 90 days or choose to have Four Point employ the new hire on our payroll for a 90-day probationary period to assume this risk.

We go beyond merely matching candidates to job openings. We view ourselves as your recruiting department, charged with understanding your unique needs for talent, representing you in the most professional manner, producing employees that have an immediate positive impact, and following up after placement to ensure success. Our unique process includes:

  • Talent Needs Assessment:  We begin by learning the skills, behaviors and values that are critical for success in your firm.  We then get into the specific requirements for each position, such as type of engagement, term of employment, pay, and job function.
  • Professional Search:  We develop the search parameters based upon the position and place an emphasis on representing you in the most professional manner.
  • Quality Hires:  We ensure quality results by tailoring the candidate interview and testing processes to verify their ability to meet the required skills, behaviors and values and by verifying their credentials.
  • Close Communication:  After placement, we follow up on a regular basis with our clients’ staff assess the success of the placement.

Risk-free recruiting provides a number of advantages that most recruitment firms simply cannot deliver. Advantages include:

  • No Upfront Investment:  We conduct a thorough analysis of your needs and recruit on your behalf without any upfront payment. You pay nothing until the employee is hired.
  • Minimal Employment Risk: We understand that the first 90 days of employment are critical to understanding the true nature of a candidate.  We employ the new hire on our payroll for a 90-day probationary period to assume this risk.
  • Great Cash Flow Advantage: Once the new hire begins employment, we divide the payment of our fee into an hourly rate that you pay through the payroll process during the 90-day probationary period.  We simply add our fee onto the payroll, taxes, and workers’ compensation insurance costs.
  • Quality Results: We take great pride in delivering quality results and do not consider our engagement to be complete until the candidate has successfully completed 90 days.
  • Close Contact: We maintain close contact with your management and with the new hire to determine the positives and negatives of their employment.
  • HR Support: We have extensive human resources experience and help to coach the new hire during the probationary period based upon your direction.
  • Follow Through: Your staff can focus on operations while we support them with coaching and corrective discipline on an as needed basis.
  • Guarantee: We promise to deliver a candidate that meets your needs by successfully completing the 90-day probationary period. This guarantee motivates us to make sure that the first candidate is the right fit.
  • We Provide One Replacement: No matter how diligent we are in our vetting process, we understand that your first choice may not always be a viable long-term fit.