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January 2015 – Pre-Existing Coverage Bias / Employee Recognition Through Social Media / What Do I Do When An Employee Requests An Accomodation / Social Media Trends for 2015 / 2015 Child Support Collection: Electronic Income Withholding / For Our Clients

October 2014 – New EEOC Guidance On Pregnancy In The Workplace / Affordable Care Act (ACA) Update / Benefits Of A Time And Attendance System / Gone Viral / Free October Webinars / Blog Corner: Don’t Text And Drive

August 2014 – All Clients Must Offer Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) To Eligible Employees / Business Disaster Planning / Review Of The Benefits Of Outsourcing Payroll / Social Media: Mistakes That Are Often Repeated / Time Off To Vote / Free August Webinar – For Assisted Living Industry / Blog Corner: Drink Water

June 2014 – Involuntary Deductions / Harassment And Sexual Harassment In The Workplace / Social Media And Small Business / Healthcare Premium And IRS Section 125 / Free June Webinar: Family Medical Leave Act / Blog Corner: Minimize Negativity In The Workplace

March 2014 – What Does Reasonable Accommodation Mean With Regard To Religion? / The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Part 2 – The Employer Responsibility / How Has Social Media Changed Hiring Practices? / Importance Of Direct Deposit / Go Green For Nutrition / For Our Clients / Blog Corner: Inject Energy Into Your Meetings

January 2014 – The Stay Interview / Company Wellness / Avoiding the Most Common Payroll Errors / The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Part 1- History / Blog Corner: Keep It Peaceful / For Our Clients: North Carolina Withholding Tax, Payroll Corner

December 2013 – The New Four Point HR Separation Form / Avoid Stress During The Holidays / Establish Functioning Teams In Five Steps / Blog Corner: Holiday Safety Tips / Free Webinar: Year End Recognition

November 2013 – Distracted Driving May Mean Employer Liability / Employer And Employee Taxes / Easy Office Morale Boosters / Surviving A Tax Audit / Business Tax Breaks / For Our Clients / Blog Corner: Battle Workplace Fatigue

October 2013 – If Employees Work Overtime, Pay Them For Overtime Work / OSHA And The Joint Commission Renew Alliance To Protect Health Care Workers / The Government Shut Down – What Does It Mean For Your Business / Payroll: Child Support Process / Employees Prefer Direct Deposit / Upcoming October Events – Free Webinars / Blog Corner: Give Constructive Criticism

September 2013 – The Stay Interview / Return To Work Program
New Simplified Home Office Deduction / Employer Healthcare Delay For Exchanges / The Importance Of Meeting Deadlines And Providing Accurate Documentation / Upcoming September Events – Free Webinars / Blog Corner: Get Your Team To Work On Time!

August 2013 – Exchanges Delayed – Lower Than Expected Premiums / Back To School Driving Safety / Plain Language And Writing – Part 2 / Payroll Record Keeping / Communicating And Following Your Corrective Action Policy / Upcoming August Event – Free Webinar / Blog Corner: Repair A Fractured Work Relationship

July 2013 – Simplify Employee Communication / Understanding Exempt Vs. Non-exempt Status / How Should Managers Respond To Job Abandonment? / Safety Meetings – Workplace Training And Safety Games / Too Busy To Lead? / Upcoming July Events – Free Webinars / Blog Corner: Better Sleep = Better Days

June 2013 – Business Disaster Planning / Five Overtime Mistakes That Could Cost You / Problem Employees? Take Another Look At Corrective Action / Hiring Young Workers For Summer Jobs / Key Issues To Watch – Health Insurance Exchanges / Upcoming Events – Free Webinars / Blog Corner – Team Building Activities That Won’t Make Your Staff Cringe

May 2013 – Positively Adapting To Workplace Change / Managing The Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA) / Business Guidelines To Identity Theft / Drug Free Workplace / Health Insurance Exchanges – The Year Ahead / Five Overtime Mistakes That Could Cost You / Blog Corner – Tips To Quit Smoking

April 2013 – How Should I Handle An Employee Complaint? / Ways To Save – Even With The Recent Tax Increases / Foot Safety / Claim Your Old Tax Refunds Regardless Of The Amount Health Insurance Exchanges – What Is The Latest / Blog Corner: Be An Extraordinary Boss

March 2013 – The New Year Means New Tax Hikes / Did Your Business Catch The Flu? / Health Insurance Exchanges – The Beginning Tax Season Is Upon Us / Does Your Company Have A Checks And Balances System? / Blog Corner: Be Authentic

February 2013 – Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance Changes / Tax Changes For 2013: A Checklist / 2013: The Year Of Communication / Standard Mileage Rates For 2013 / What’s New For The 2012 W-2’s? / Prevent Winter Slips And Falls / The New Year Means New Tax Hikes / For Our Clients: Payroll Corner / Blog Corner: Surviving Flu Season

January 2013 – E-verify Is Coming / Documenting Terminations / DOT Office Of Drug And Alcohol Policy And Compliance Notice / New Year’s Resolutions For 2013 / The Fiscal Cliff Deal – A Primer / Are Your Social Security Benefits Taxable?

December 2012 – Taking A Look At Resignations / 2012 Tax Changes For Businesses / Are You Ready For Tax Season? / Holiday Office Safety / Blog Corner: Sometimes Your Just Need To Laugh – Especially During The Demanding Holiday Season / For Our Clients Payroll Corner / Minimum Wage Updates

November 2012 – Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (daca) / Moving This Year? 10 Helpful Tax Tips / Staying Safe In Adverse Weather: Important Flood Safety Information / The Power Of Listening To Both Sides / Say It How You’d Like To Hear It / Payroll Corner / Amplify Your Coverage / BLOG CORNER: Reduce Cortisol Levels by Avoiding High Stress and Learning to Relax

October 2012 – The Stay Interview / Paying Off Debt the Smart Way / What is The FUTA Credit Reduction? / Adaption To Workplace Change / West Nile Virus: Protecting Outdoor Workers From Infection / Medicare is a Big Concern for the 2012 Election / BLOG CORNER: Finding Happiness in Life’s Journey

September 2012 – Tax Planning for Small Business Owners / The Americans with Disabilities Act / The 80/20 Rule / Travel Expenses – Business Travel and Per Diem / NCCI Methodology with Change Experience MOD Calculations / Payroll Corner / BLOG CORNER: YOU MADE A MISTAKE – NOW WHAT?

August 2012 – Does Your Business Need Financing? / Managing the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) / OSHA’s Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers / Does Your Company Need a General Business Counsel? / What to Expect When You Are Interviewing / The Supreme Court Has Spoken / Four Point HR in the Community / BLOG CORNER: A Positive Attitude in the Workplace

July 2012 – Coaching Employees to Success / Workers’ Comp Claims Heat Up In The Summer / Risks of Sharing Company Passwords / Collect Outstanding Balances and Keep Your Customers Onboard / Affordable Care Act Benefit Provisions / Payroll Corner / BLOG CORNER: Business Cards – So Necessary or So Over?

June 2012 – Keeping Your Cool in the Heat / Body Language in the Workplace / Stop the Cutting! / OSHA Announces New National Emphasis Program for Nursing and Residential Care Facilities / Effective Performance Appraisals / Fully or Self-insured Plans / What Impression Do You Make / For Our Clients / Blog Corner: Utilizing Internship Programs

May 2012 – Create a Healthy Office / Make This Hire Last / Dealing With Negative Online Business Reviews / Direct Deposit – The Way To Go / OSHA Revises Hazard Communications Standard / Blog Corner: Calm Your Nervous System

April 2012 – Small Business Tax Trends for 2012 / Caring for Internal Customers / The Importance of Classifying Employees Correctly / Current Bank Balance vs. Available Bank Balance / Selecting The Best Candidates and Checking Their References / OSHA Reminders and Updates / Blog Corner: Office Stress Reducer

March 2012 – Structured Behavioral Interviewing / What is the Problem? / Workplace First Aid Kit / Do Ghost Employees Haunt Your Company? / IRS Change for 2012 / Improve Your Business Credit Score / Small Business Health Care Tax Credit / Blog Corner: Desk Relief

February 2012 – Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims / Use Cross Training for Team Building / Start with Defined Job Descriptions / For our clients: Payroll Corner / Blog Corner: Complex Government Regulations

January 2012 – Set Up Your Employees for Success / Importance of Dress and Appearance Policies / 2012 Financial Resolutions / Industrial Rehab / Business Meal and Entertainment Deductions / State Minimum Wage Changes for 2012 / Blog Corner: Tip to Reduce Turnover

December 2011 – Avoid Management Mistakes / Smart Phones in the Workplace / Are You Ready for the 2012 Tax Season / Life Without COBRA / Holiday Season Workplace Safety / Relief for Office Workers / For our Clients: Payroll Corner / Blog Corner: The Changing Business World

November 2011 – Make Your Customers Love You / Changine How We Handle Mental Health Issues in the Workplace / Effective Meeting Strategies / Discipline And Termination Policies / OSHA Updates / Payroll Corner / Now Available—TASC Card With MyCash / Blog Corner: Combating the Rising Costs of Health Insurance

October 2011 – Are You Too Busy to Lead? / Federal Unemployment Tax Changes Expected / Hold Onto Your Low Interest Business Credit Card / Can You Avoid Hiring Troublemakers? / OSHA Updates / Preparing for the Flu Season / The American Jobs Act – How Will It Impact Small Business? / Blog Corner: Combating the Rising Costs of Health Insurance

September 2011 – Five Strategies for More Productive Interviews / At Will— A Dangerous Myth in HR Management / Find Unclaimed Property / Back to School Driving Safety / Business Guidelines to Identity Theft / What Is A Garnishment? / Focusing on Retirement Goals / Monthly Employee Meetings: The Cornerstone of a Performance Management System

August 2011 – Better Brainstorming / The Importance of a “Checks & Balances” System / Emergency Exit Routes / Open Up The Planning Process / Tax Audit Survival Strategies / Payroll Corner / Blog Corner: Reduce Turnover

July 2011 – Are You Required To E-Verify? / Battle Against Bank Debit Card Fees / Why Aren’t Companies Hiring? / Raise Prices Without Losing Customers / Business Disaster Planning – Storm Preparedness / For Our Clients: Payroll Corner / Blog Corner – Handling Termination Security

June 2011 – Dealing with Client Complaints / Improve Collections Results Without Alienating Customers / Business Disaster Planning / Lift It Safely / Battle High Gas Prices / Payroll Corner / Blog Corner – Dealing With Anxiety

May 2011 – Establish Functioning Teams in 5 Steps / Estate Planning: Understanding Gift Tax Changes / Proper Record Keeping / Stay in Compliance with Form I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification / Is Your First Aid Kit Healthy? / Reliance Dental Rates – 2011/2012 / Payroll Corner / Blog Corner – Monthly Employee Meetings: The Cornerstone of a Performance Management System

April 2011 – Building Business Credit / Emergency Action Planning: Emergency Exits / Hiring Younger Workers: Know The Rules / Grow Your Client Base / Telecommuting – Is Right For Your Business? / Mentoring Unlocks Employee Potential / Blog Corner – Communication And Planning Are Critical In Every Business Climate

March 2011 – Finding and Keeping Skilled Employees / Critical Success Factors Create a Culture of Accountability / Protect Your Eyes During Winter Months / Wage Garnishments on The Rise / Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Safety Standards / Payroll Corner / Blog Corner

February 2011 – Important New Business Tax Laws for 2011 / 5 Strategies For More Productive Interviews / Prepare For Emergencies / Importance of Non-Compete Agreements / Inclement Weather Pay Requirements / Understanding Unemployment Insurance / Payroll Corner / Blog Corner

January 2011 – Is it Time to Hire a New Employee / OSHA Record Keeping Compliance / Policies and Procedures That Work for Your Company / Ring in the New Year with a Business Budget / Reduce Turnover by Clearly Defining Employee Expectations / How to Design an Effective Performance Management System

2010 Newsletter Issues

December 2010 – Reduce Turnover Through Constant Communication / Communicating Effectively With Employees / Payroll Corner / Flexible Spending For 2011 / Year End Checklist / Reduce Tax Time Stress – Collect Tax Records Now / Holiday Season Workplace Safety / Employee Benefits In A Post-Recession Economy

November 2010 – Blog Corner: Reduce Turnover / Improved Newsletter Format / A Guide To Effective Attendance Reporting / Payroll Corner / Has The Shift In The Economy Hurt Your Business? / OSHA Reaches Out To Prevent Distracted Driving / Important Tax Notes

October 2010 – Blog Corner: Highlights of an Effective Performance System / OSHA: Announcements & Updates / Payroll Corner: Transamerica On a Mission to Lead the Retirement Industry / IRS Releases DRAFT FORM to Help Small Businesses Claim New Health Care Tax Credit

September 2010 – Handling Termination Security / Health Care Reform / Child Labor Law Revisions / Back To School Driving Safety / Payroll Corner / Wedding Checklist Additions

August 2010 – Communicating Critical Numbers In Your Business / Heat Stress / Homebuyer Credit Closing Deadline Extended / Payroll Corner – Points of Interest / New Hire Paperwork

July 2010 – Dealing With Anxiety / HIRE Act Update / Understanding Unemployment / OSHA Publishes Proposed / Rulemaking / Payroll Corner / Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit

June 2010 – BLOG CORNER: Winning Unemployment Claims / Recordkeeping Requirements Under FLSA / OSHA Chief Dr. David Michaels Calls For Increased Fines / Mobile Monitoring of Retirement Accounts / Direct Deposit For All Employees

May 2010 – Cross Training = Team Building / Payroll Corner / Economic Recovery Expected to Continue / Tax Benefits For Hiring Unemployed Workers / Machine Safety / Health Care Reform – The New Legislation

April 2010 – COBRA Extension Approved / FMLA Findings / Don’t Overlook Deductions When Preparing Your Income Tax Return / Safety Responsibility

March 2010 – BLOG CORNER: Workplace Stresses / Personal Protective Equipment – Hand Protection / Take Care When Considering A Refund Anticipation Loan / Wellness Programs Pay Off / Payroll Corner / Wage and Hour Lawsuits on the Rise

February 2010 – Get Closer To Customers To Strengthen Your Team & Improve Your Bottom Line / Got Darwinet? / Get Free Tax Help From the IRS / A Healthier 2010 / Payroll Corner / COBRA Update / OSHA Record Keeping Compliance

January 2010 – Hiring When Unemployment Rates Are High / “Need To Know” Payroll Points For 2010 / Tips From the IRS / Prepare For Winter Driving / Payroll Corner / Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wage Base Changes For 2010 (Update) / COBRA Coverage Continuation

2009 Newsletter Issues

December 2009 – U.S. Employers Placed On Notice By OSHA / Congress Extends Unemployment Benefits / Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wage Base Changes For 2010 / Assessing Health & Safety Through Performance Appraisals / Year End Bonus Awards / Letting Your Equipment Work For You / Payroll Corner

November 2009 – Planning for a Rebound / H1N1 Virus Protection in the Workplace / Holiday Season Workplace Safety / When Disasters Strike Too Close to Home

October 2009 – Utilizing Unpaid Internship Programs / Eye Protection In the Workplace / Focus On Structured Interviewing / First Time Unemployment Claims Drop / Good Customer Service

September 2009 – Telecommuting: Does It Pay? / Reducing Expenses / FLSA Misclassifications / Back To School Driving Safety / Time To Check Your Withholding

August 2009 – Managing Account Receivables / Building Morale / Keeping Children’s Immunizations Up To Date / Workplace First Aid Kit / Cutting Employment Costs / E-Verify

July 2009 – FMLA Review, Enhanced Vision Plan, Importance of the I-9, Controlling SUTA Rates, Payroll Corner, First Aid OSHA Compliance.

June 2009 – Bank Relationships & Alternative Financing / Benefits of Contracting with a PEO / Payroll Corner / Preparing a Workplace for an Influenza Pandemic

May 2009 – Spring Cleaning – Personnel Files / Avoid the Top 10 OSHA Violations / Keeping Client and Employee Information Secure

April 2009 – Payroll Tax Table Changes / Unemployment Benefits 2009 / New Benefits for Small Businesses / Be Safe. Be Prepared

March 2009 – Payroll Tax Changes / New Workers’ Compensation Carrier / Federal Job Discrimination Complaints / 401(k) & the Economy / American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

February 2009 – Spring Fever / Timesheets & FLSA / IRS 2009 Tax Tips / Low & No Cost Benefits

January 2009 – Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act / IRS Standard Mileage Rates / Family Medical Leave Act Update / Safety Tips / Surviving Staff Reduction